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In October 2008 Wendell Klukis was involved in a very serious car accident. He died on the scene 3 times. The EMS workers refused to give up and continually worked to revive him. Wendell was air lifted to Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga where he fought a hard battle for several months with his family being told on numerous occasions that he would not make it thru the night. After returning home he had physical therapy to regain his strength. With some encouragement from staff and peers Wendell joined the White County Special Olympic Power-Lifting Team. Wendell started out small only able to bench 45 lbs. With practice he was able to bench 65 lbs in the state tryouts and he dead-lifted 90 lbs. During lifts I had to change his bandages for his drain tube as he was still recovering from his accident. Wendell came in fourth place. Over the year of 2009, Wendell continued to practice at home and at the YMCA. Wendell can now bench 90 lbs and he can dead lift 240 lbs. This years Special Olympic Power-Lifting competition was held on March 30, 2010 at the Cookeville High School. Wendell came in second place. Wendell is expecting to go to Nashville for State Competitions in May along with some of our veteran power lifting team. Calvin Jones, one of these team members, has gone all the way to National Competitions. Calvin is able to bench 200lbs and can dead-lift 300lbs. Mike Jones, another Power-Lifting Team member, and brother to Calvin, can bench 165 lbs and dead-lift 315 lbs. David Green, the fourth member of our Power-Lifting Team is able to bench 100 lbs and can dead-lift 240 lbs. Each man had set his own goal of how much he wanted to lift and they have now met and surpassed these goals. The Team Members wear their medals proudly to show how far they have come and how far they continue to go. Wendell has been a definite inspiration to all of the Power-Lifting Team, as well as everyone he encounters. White County is so proud of this Team and are happy to have them representing us at the State Competition in May.