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With a decision to recycle and a desire to be involved with the beautification of our community, Putnam County Pacesetters began The Green Initiative, a recycling and community outreach program. A year has passed since the program’s inception and those supported and employed by Pacesetters have recycled over 7,500 lbs of recyclable materials such as aluminum, plastic and paper. Through a wonderful partnership with Lisa Luck and the Putnam County Clean Commission, those who attend the Pacesetters Day Program were able to give back to their community by picking up litter at Cane Creek Park and Walnut Park. Congratulations to all who have participated, with special acknowledgement of Ricky Kirouac, Jeff McCrary and Robert McGugin for their contributions to the program. We are excited about what opportunities lie ahead for us in 2011. For more information about The Green Initiative, please contact pacesetters at 432-4045.