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EVENT DATE: Saturday October 13th, 2012

LOCATION OF EVENT: Putnam County Fair Grounds

REASON OF EVENT: Proceeds raised from this event go to provide funds for programs and other expenses not covered by normal budget for Pacesetters Inc.

DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: The area inside the arena fence at the fair ground will marked off 500 squares. A regular non-trained cow will be led to the center of the arena and released. A timer will count down 5 minutes and an air horn blown to signal the start of the event. Then wherever the cow makes a deposit will determine the winning square. There will be other activities and entertainment associated with the event. Non-ticket holders will be charged  $1 admission or a can of food for the food shelter.

PRIZE: The one and only grand prize will be 10% of the gross ticket sales up to a maximum of $1000.


  • Pacesetters Inc. will select three independent judges. They will determine the winning square and their decision will be final.
  • Pacesetters staff and volunteers will lay the arena off into 500 squares
  • There will be no more than 500 tickets sold at $20 each
  • To insure fairness and impartiality the squares will be assigned RANDOMLY. Thus there would be no way for anyone to know in advance his or her assigned square/s
  • The winner does not have to be present to win. Winners will be given a cashier’s check. If the winner is not present the check will be mailed to the address on the ticket by certified mail. In the event the check was returned, a new winner would be determined by random drawing.
  • Holders of raffle tickets will be granted free admission to the event (with spouse and minor children only. All others must purchase admission tickets to the event for $1 or a can of food for the food bank )
  • All purchasers of raffle tickets will agree to abide by the rules regardless.
  • There will be only one grand prize and it will be 10% of the gross ticket sales up to a maximum of $1000
  • The cow will be released in the middle of the arena and a timer will count down 5 minutes to allow the cow to become settled. Then whenever the cow drops a cow pile on the ground will determine the winner.
  • In the event the cow does not drop a cow pile after a period of 1 hour from the starting horn, a winner would be determined by a random drawing.
  • In the event of inclement weather a winner would be determined by a random drawing.
  • All applications beyond the 500 ticket limit will be returned.
  • Holders of tickets will agree not to hold Pacesetters Inc. or and units of Putnam County accountable beyond the rules of this event.
  • You must be 18 years old to participate in the raffle.

October 11th is the last date for which raffle tickets may be purchased