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News - Warren

Warren County Pacesetters recently honored the McMinnville chapter of the Ladies of the Moose with a Humanitarian Award.

For the past 5 years, the Ladies of Moose Lodge have held a monthly event for the service recipients of Warren and White County Pacesetters.  The months with holidays are especially fun as the ladies go all out!

Doug Gillentine presented the award to senior regent, Karen Lott. “We want to thank them for all they’ve done. What they do for us is unreal and we really appreciate it. They do so much and are true humanitarians.”

The Ladies at Moose Lodge don’t do these things for recognition; they do it because they care.

 The consumers at Pacesetters love to come to the Moose Lodge for the dancing, activities, food and fun; but also because the Ladies put their heart into preparing each event!