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The enthusiastic reception of this presentation by both performers and audience led to the decision to choose a multicultural folktale annually for public performance as a unifying element for and culmination of the year-long (July to June) visual arts and storytelling activities.  Individuals soon began to benefit physically, mentally and financially from the project, experiencing the joy of self-expression in the community setting, speaking and moving on a public stage, and creating, exhibiting, and selling visual art of many styles.    The PTT project was funded by Tennessee Arts Commission FY 2001-2007, with administration of the grant by Joyce Sievers Pacesetters Family Support.

The Big Orange Splot  Daniel PinkwaterKanchil Mouse Deer Waits for the End of the World  lg puppets
2007 PTT “The Big Orange Splot” by Daniel Pinkwater. Putnam artists display houses they created for the performance: Left to Right: Tina Stout, Tracey Gentry, Lori Stebbins, Rebecca Bassett, Buster Williams, Cathy Decaussin, Mike Rewis, Jackie Clark.
2008 PTT “Kanchil Mouse Deer Waits for the End of the World”, a folktale from Indonesia. Putnam and White County Pacesetters Players use large puppets they created at the Putnam County Library performance. Front Row: PTT Storyteller Marcia Donovan (Narrator), Cathy Decaussin (Leaf ) Lisa Manus (Kanchil), Tina Stout (Leaf ), Karen Simpson (Percussion) ), Chuck Everidge (Wild Pig ), Gary Terry (Monkey ), Gary Hayes (Leaf ).

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