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Since the Fall of 2007, Pacesetters has fully funded PTT, and in fact expanded the project into several other counties as well. There are now weekly visits year round to Putnam Center by Storyteller Marcia Donovan.  Visual Artist weekly visits to Putnam and White Centers are made by Merritt Ireland.  Beginning in Fall 2007 additional visual arts monthly visits to Putnam, White, Macon, Warren, and Overton Centers have been made by Visual Artists Julie Styer, and Ramie Nunally.  Guest artists such as Wayne Hogan, Linda Johnson, Marilee Hall, and others offer arts mini-sessions at various centers as funding by Cookeville Arts Council allows.    Since Fall 2007 White County individuals attend the weekly Storytelling classes and participate in the annual performances.  Joyce Sievers retired from Pacesetters in January 2008 and County Services Director Bill Toye took over the coordination of the Art Program, while Joyce remains available as an expert advisor.    The Arts Committee:  Chair Bill Toye,  Support Manager Day Putnam Center Kathy Lee, Assistant Director White Center Cathy Presley, Support Manager Day Putnam Annex Director Sherry Sturgill,  Development Coordinator James Dial, artists Merritt Ireland and Marcia Donovan, meet monthly to coordinate the program.

Musicians of the Sun  Aztec  bird pixWhy Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears  West Africa: Masks   cast at Putnam rehearsal with masks created with guidance from Visual Artists Merritt Ireland and Ramie Nunally.
2012 PTT “Musicians of the Sun”, an Aztec tale. Mike Rewis (left) as the Sun threw fire darts to defend his Musicians. Front row: Brad Allen (Trumpet), Joanna McAtee (Drum), Back Row: Gary Terry (Flute) and George Root(Rattle).
2013 PTT “Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears”, a folktale from West Africa. Front Row: Dean Harris (shekere), Bradley Styer (Mosquito), Storyteller Marcia Donovan, Tina Wofford (Iguana), Tina Stout (Sun), Debbie Keith (Rabbit), Visual Artist Merritt Ireland. Back Row: Karen Simpson (Antelope), Lisa Manus(Queen Lioness), Brad Allen and Floyd Williams (Python), Vickie Rollins (MotherOwl), Wendell Klukis (Percussion).