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Home Manager-Residential (Non-Exempt Hourly)

Putnam County – 10th Street (FT)

Reports to Residential/Training Supervisor


  • Compassionate & empathetic advocate for service recipients with disabilities

  • Computer literate

  • Excellent communication skills (written & verbal)

  • Excellent interpersonal skills

  • Reliable transportation

  • Self-motivated, self-started, & self-directed 

  • Excellent time manager

  • Team player, creative, flexible & professional

  • Demonstrated commitment to person centered thinking

  • Minimum 1 year DSP experience, preferred

  • Valid Tennessee driver’s license & good driving record

  • Current on all required training

  • Remains calm in emergency situations

  • Acts as the Subject Matter Expert for the residential site


Job Summary & Purpose

  • Working under the supervision of a Support Manager, the Home Manager (HM) assumes the responsibility for the oversight of the residential home setting.

  • The HM assumes the primary leadership role for the home & responsible for all activities of the home.

  • The HM acts as a positive role model for all staff working in the home & embraces change in a positive manner. 

  • The HM ensures that all staff assigned to the home are treated fairly & that policies are implemented in a consistent manner. 

  • Primary duties include; mentoring & training new employees to provide quality supports for the resident(s) of the home, scheduling work shifts for the home, monitoring the resident(s) of the home for health/safety issues & reporting such issues promptly, review required daily documentation pertaining to the resident(s) & the agency, & completing billing documents specific to the resident(s) of the home. 

  • The HM will have oversight for only one residential home. 

  • The HM is a part of the scheduled work hours of the home & shall be scheduled to work hours in the home. 

  • The HM is an on-call position & is the first contact for home staff when emergency situations arise. 

  • The HM is on-call only for their assigned home.

  • The HM will use 16 hours per month to complete required paperwork, attend & conduct management meetings, & perform other duties as listed below. 

  • Ensure the home is managed to reduce excessive overtime, reduce unnecessary mileage & engage in other aspects of cost-effective practices that relate to agency expenses & actively participate in the reduction of those expenses


Additional Duties (including but not limited to)

  • Maintain professionalism & a positive attitude at all times

  • Activity planning according to the person’s ISP, including outcomes & action steps

  • Attend annual ISP & COS meetings for the person

  • Attend medical appointments, as needed

  • Review Residential & Day Service notes on a daily basis for content & completeness

  • Complete billing documents, at least weekly, but daily completion is preferred

  • Monitor & address medication variances

  • Menu Planning

  • Submit grocery list & verify grocery receipts

  • Medication counts, including controlled substance medication counts, & add monthly medications to the home med count sheets

  • Verify & add medications to the MAR throughout the month, as needed

  • Petty cash counts

  • Conduct 1 comprehensive site review per month

  • Conduct 2 unannounced visits per month

  • Conduct fire/weather drills monthly

  • Conduct 1 team meeting per month

  • Conduct vehicle inspections & review vehicle logs

  • Completes work orders, as needed

  • Remains in contact with the Support Manager on a daily basis regarding the activities of the home

  • Attend ECF Choices meetings, as requested & required

  • Work with the Support Manager to develop Training Specifics to the Individual Needs

  • Ensure staff working in the home is fully trained before being left alone with the person supported

  • Ensure person(s) daily support book, training specifics book are maintained according to State & Agency guidelines

  • Conduct a mock fire drill with all staff new to the home during the first shift worked in the home

  • Works with Support Manager to interview potential new staff for the home

  • Completes 1 Mentoring Guide with DSP staff per month to provide an environment of continued education experiences within the home

  • May create & conduct Job Performance Evaluations for direct support staff assigned to the residential home as assigned by the Support Manager

  • Convey concerns regarding employee performance issues to the Support Manager promptly

  • Become the subject matter expert for all aspects of the residential home

  • Complete designated end-of-the month paperwork & submit to the Support Manager by 5th day of the following month

PACESETTERS, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer and makes employment decisions based solely upon the applicant’s qualifications, without regard to race, color, age, sex, religion, national origin, disability or marital status.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please also include a signed copy of the Essential Job Functions form included in the Job Description document.

Email the completed application & form to

or fax to the attention: Recruiter @ 931/537-9916

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